a) Customer support


If you have a salesperson assigned to your account (or a project manager), please contact them directly by email or phone.
If not, feel free to fill out the form for contacting our support team.


b) Authors/Translators - Your questions


1. I would like to register as an author (translation, proofreading or editing):

You may only apply by creating an account on our platform. Our support teams do not process application requests.

If you are a professional working in the field of translation, editing and/or proofreading, please choose this category when you register. We will contact you to take a test as soon as we have projects that are likely to interest you.

If you are not a professional, please choose the "semi-professional" category. You can then take a test. If you find that you are unable to select a given language or activity, it means that we are not currently accepting applications because we already have enough providers.

For more information about registering on our platform, visit: https://uk.textmaster.com/translator-writer/faq-category/signing-up/.


2. My skills have not yet been approved:

Once your account is created on the platform, please click on the red banner that appears on your dashboard. You will then have access to the tests and your application will be assessed by our experts.

Unfortunately, if you cannot select a language or activity, it means that applications are closed because we have too many authors for the volume of work available on the platform.
You can request to receive a notification as soon as applications are open again by filling out the form on the platform. The availability of the tests will depend on supply and demand and is therefore not predictable by our teams.

For any other questions, please see: https://uk.textmaster.com/translator-writer/faq/.