Learn how to save time and lower costs with MEMENTO™,
the proprietary, real-time translation memory from TextMaster.

What is a Translation Memory?

A translation memory is a database that stores the content of all your previous translations. This technology makes it possible to reuse any text segments that have already been translated, which prevents the same content from being re-translated multiple times.

The more data a translation memory contains, the more effective it is. Thanks to your translation memory, you can ensure the consistency of your content, lower costs, cut down on back-and-forth exchanges and speed up translation times.

Learn about MEMENTO™, the
Proprietary Translation Memory from TextMaster

TextMaster has invested extensively in research and development to create MEMENTO™,
the first collaborative, real-time translation memory.

How does MEMENTO™ work?

MEMENTO™ recycles all your translated content and counts all the repeated segments. Its unique algorithms enable it to identify and suggest previously translated segments to translators in real time.

MEMENTO™ is an extremely secure SaaS technology. It makes it possible for several translators to work simultaneously on the same project directly in the Cloud.

MEMENTO™ is constantly being enhanced with new functions and can be used as a foundational database to train specialised translation engines.

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What kind of content is right for MEMENTO™?

MEMENTO™ is a technology adapted to any type of content or volume.

For example:

  • Ecommerce product descriptions
  • User guides and instructions
  • Application interfaces

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The Benefits of MEMENTO™,
the Real-Time Translation Memory

Optimised Budget

Avoid re-translating the same content multiple times for savings of up to 45%

Reduced Translation Times

Save time and drastically accelerate time to market for your products

Standardised Content

Maximise the consistency of your translations for standardised, quality content

Better Performance

Take advantage of technology that is 10% to 30% more effective than other solutions on the market.

How Snowleader Reduced Its Costs by 40%
Thanks to MEMENTO™

Snowleader is an online merchant that specialises in equipment for skiing, snowboarding and other mountain activities. Snowleader currently markets over 12,250 unique products and earns 30% of its revenue from international sales.

See how Snowleader localised its product catalogue content with TextMaster and cut its translation costs by 40%:

  • Over 2 million words translated
  • 40% savings on all projects combined
  • 50% productivity gain in deploying a multilingual product catalogue


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