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from 0.08 per word

Standard level is provided by native translators who have been tested and approved by TextMaster, translating in addition to their other professional activities. It is suitable for simple translations of short texts without specific vocabulary:

  • customer service communications
  • simple web content
  • internal translations
  • small amounts of content
  • etc.


from 0.12 per word

Enterprise level is provide by native professional translators who have been tested and approved by Textmaster. It is suitable for general digital and ecommerce translation projects:

  • website translation
  • product information translation
  • travel & tourism translation
  • fashion translation
  • etc.


from 0.16 per word

Expert level is provided by specialist native professional translators who have been tested and selected by Textmaster. They have proven experience in their area of expertise. This level is suitable for specialised translation projects such as:

  • luxury goods translation
  • technical translation
  • SEO translation
  • marketing translation
  • etc.

Customize your order with additional options

Rush Order
+0.04 per word
Graphic File
+0.04 per word
Extra Proofreading
+0.04 per word

*Rates differ based on selected languages and expertise


from 0.14 per word

Your content is written by freelance writers that are tested and verified by TextMaster. The Standard level is best suited for general web projects that have a simple briefing and require very little research, including:

  • Simple product descriptions
  • SEO content
  • Descriptions for fashion, tourism, etc.
  • Simple editorial content
per word

Your content is written by experienced professional writers. The Enterprise level is best suited for projects that require an advanced writing style and specific industry knowledge, such as:

  • Specialised or high volumes of content
  • Technical data sheets
  • Press releases
  • Editorial content
  • B2B content marketing

Customize your order with additional options

Extra Proofreading
+ 0.02 per word
Rush Order
+ 0.04 per word
+ 0.10 per word

*Rates differ based on selected languages and areas of expertise


from 0.03 per word

This level ensures that your content is proofread for any spelling, syntax and grammatical mistakes.


from 0.08 per word

In this level, your content is both proofread and rewritten in order to improve its editorial style.

Customize your order with additional options

Rush Order
+ 0.02 per word
+ 0.05 per word
Graphic File
+ 0.03 per word

*Rates differ based on selected languages and areas of expertise

Learn about our tailor-made solutions

Our technologies to streamline your content translation process

From real-time translation memories and interactive glossaries to neural machine translation and video subtitling solutions, TextMaster has developed cutting-edge, proprietary solutions to standardize the translation of your content. Contact us to take advantage of pricing that matches your needs.

Our line of services to support your international growth

We offer a comprehensive line of high-value-added services: project management, glossary compilation, international SEO, marketing campaign localization, terminology management, training of machine translation engines and more. TextMaster is here to help you meet your international objectives.

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Pricing Examples


Standard translation

50 words

Product Descriptions

Ecommerce translation

100 words

B2B Blog Post

Enterprise copywriting

350 words

Word Document


500 words

Mobile App

Standard translation

450 words


Enterprise translation

1,000 words


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